Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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Re:Re: OT: Excellent film! I discovered it by accident...missed it in the press.

Corkcampbell wrote:

Despite CE's reprise of his cantankerous Gran Torino persona, it is marvelous. What did he call the web...the "inter web"? Great. And, instead of "Get off my lawn," we get "I'll think about it."

I happened to visit the North Korean film studios in February and, when asked about current US films, I gave the director/manager a copy of Trouble with the Curve. Would be interesting to learn their thoughts on it...

I may just have to sit back and watch it again tonight...

Glad you like it! I discovered it by accident too, and before watching it, I thought "oh well, just an american movie about baseball". I was so wrong! This movie is a really an ode to humanity and an incisive criticism of our current society dominated (enslaved?) by technology.

I really like Eastwood subtle way of telling stories, and I think this grumpy charachter is really part of this subtlety : a cantankerous and unpleasant man who can reach senstive perfection. Eastwood has a mastery of the art of contrast.

I would be interested about North Korean perception of this movie, if you have some feedback one day (a pm perhaps?).

I just watched it one week ago, but sure I will watch it again

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