Why is Sony opposed to full swivel LCD monitor vs limited use pivot ?

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Re: For bigger cameras

KennyXL wrote:

aaanouel wrote:

Sony reserves it for bigger cameras such as A65 and A77.

Yes, but there is no technical reason as to why it must be that way. Nikon has it on some of their cheapest cameras, lightest, and most compact DSLR's. So does Canon and Panasonic. So we know it's not a size or cost limitation. It would add immense value for those who use the camera for video. We also know that Sony has the technical know-how. Sony tends to dig its heels in about some mundane stuff: memory card formats, real standard hotshoes, and this swivel screen stuff. All of it is so trivial as to be mind-boggling as to why since they could actually take sales away from the other companies.

Yeah, but did it ever occur to you that they ARE by offering a different option? I personally don't like the fully articulated screen but love the Sony flip-up and down model. I had a GH2 and replaced it with a Nex for that very reason. So Sony WAS taking sales away from another company with their approach. Then when Olympus started copying Sony, I moved back to m43 because I liked the lenses better (and already had a pretty good collection of them). Now Olympus puts the flip up screen on nearly all of their cameras and even Panasonic is offering it on the GX7. I think the market has PLENTY of room for both types of screens and, shocking as it may be for you, many of us PREFER this simple flip up and down model...


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