Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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Re: It's very clear now: Olympus won't focus on video!

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It doesn't look like Olympus will improve video.


"We are concentrating on priority matters, specifically establishing nice still image quality. This is our priority as a camera manufacturer and our reputation on the market is for still. So, that’s one of the reasons. But there is another matter because even if we go in the direction of video, Panasonic already has really nice MFT cameras for video. We like to show the total possibility of the entire MFT line-up, and if we start to focus on video capabilities, it may be misleading to the market. They may think that MFT is only suitable for video and we don’t want to give that impression."

Great finding, thank you for sharing!

Now all moaners and whiners read this and put in in your head : Olympus has no interest in video. They don't have a Pro Camera video division like Panasonic, so they have zero interest on this market. They put video in their camera because they have to (like Fuji and Pentax), but they won't go in the Panasonic and Sony territory.

They could at least then make a pal version and an ntsc version, or and btw the EM-5 has 720p/60?

They could, but probably won't.

That said, I would be the first happy if they will, but I have zero hope about this

I don't understand their thoughts, its like saying Nikon don't want to give the impression that dslr is only good for video, they also do not have a pro video division. Its just spin and a lack of vision on Oly's behalf. They do know their target audience, you see them daily on this forum! but the majority of people today want the video convenience and its actually slightly sad that Olympus can't go the extra mile and at least add the 25 or 50p options, I dont honestly care about 24p but 25p for a euro camera with the word pro written all over it, seriously? its a bit sad is all I'm saying and Olympus are a strange company for sure, with an even stranger brigade of followers (not all but a high percentage are very old fashioned, conservative purists I guess is what they are, or many people would call them humdrum!)

They should read the forums, many clever posters can give them a vision

Seriously, it's not always bad to be a conservative purist. At least, they are not sheeps in the flock of "newer is better" followers.

Speaking about video and movies, I advice to watch "Trouble with the Curve", a Clint Eastwood movie that illustrate well why purism isn't always worse than "newer is better".

Don't get me wrong I too like the OMD styling-functions and purism, I was after all a major champion of the GH1/2 as well on this very forum and was ultimately swayed to go with the OMD. But seriously, to leave out 25p or 50p again irrespective of their "ideals" its just ignorance and very irritating/frustrating. The funny thing is the Luminous Landscape guy, Micheal, he set his camera to 1/60 and then shot in Paris, did you see the flickering everywhere? in the subtle lights, on the girls faces etc, LOL, LOL. Olympus, people are laughing at your ignorance!

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