X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

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Re: X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

xasthur wrote:

Can't decide on which camera is best bang for the buck for $600. Torn between sony Nex 5R, sony rx100 or this fuji. In terms of PQ which do you recommend.?

The 5R comes with either the 16-50mm collapsible lens or the 18-55mm lens. The collapsible lens is much smaller (more portable) but has lower optical quality. The Fuji 16-50mm lens should be better quality than the Sony lenses but the difference compared with the 18-55mm shouldn't be enough to worry about. The 5R with 16-50mm lens may only be available via parallel importers such as the third parties on amazon.com.

If you get a Nex the Sigma DN 30mm lens is a good purchase. It is very high quality and some people have got one for as low as US$99.

The RX100 is something you'd get if you want maximum portability.

We don't know yet what the image quality will be like on the production X-A1. It will depend on how much work Fuji does on the firmware. The samples on their website are disappointing but they would be from a pre-production camera and Fuji's marketing department has a long history of posting terrible samples on their website.

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