Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Ian J G Contributing Member • Posts: 649
Re: Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

I saw an interview a while back with Pentax execs saying they were exploring how to get more resolution by taking off the antialiasing filter – but not as in the K5s, just physically not having it – by some software-based approach.

I don't have a technical background to know how that would work, but it sounds like this could be what the rumour refers to, IF there's any truth to it.

Anyway, they did say that in public, so chances are we'll see something like that sooner or later.

For my part, better and faster autofocus would be welcome, for one thing.

What I really, really want to see is another crack at mirrorless, with lenses sunken into the body – cool or what?


All the best guys


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