Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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Re: It's very clear now: Olympus won't focus on video!

Pixnat2 wrote:

SHood wrote:

It doesn't look like Olympus will improve video.


"We are concentrating on priority matters, specifically establishing nice still image quality. This is our priority as a camera manufacturer and our reputation on the market is for still. So, that’s one of the reasons. But there is another matter because even if we go in the direction of video, Panasonic already has really nice MFT cameras for video. We like to show the total possibility of the entire MFT line-up, and if we start to focus on video capabilities, it may be misleading to the market. They may think that MFT is only suitable for video and we don’t want to give that impression."

Great finding, thank you for sharing!

Now all moaners and whiners read this and put in in your head : Olympus has no interest in video. They don't have a Pro Camera video division like Panasonic, so they have zero interest on this market. They put video in their camera because they have to (like Fuji and Pentax), but they won't go in the Panasonic and Sony territory.

Olympus do have a pro camera division. They make high-speed video cameras. http://youtu.be/UVAE7U2hH9I (and I suppose they also do a lot of video in their medical division). But that is beside the point

Think about why companies "have to" include video nowadays: Because if they don't it won't sell! Video is an important feature. You may not use it, but that doesn't change that more and more people are using DSLRs for video, both for casual work and in a professional context.

The best part is : "if we start to focus on video capabilities, it may be misleading to the market"

I completely agree. Despite a vocal minority of whiners who cry everytime there isn't a feature in a camera, Olympus users are still mainly stills shooters with minimal interest in video.

Well, duh. Because if you have a need for better quality, you need to go elsewhere. And it's disingenuous: Olympus obviously already have started to focus on video capabilities. The inclusion of a MIC socket and higher bandwidth video on the E-M1 are just two examples.

Their goal is to attract CaNikon photographers in the m4/3 system, and given the E-M1 buzz and coverage (despite it's subpar video features...), they could well succeed. And like Terada said, Panasonic has already nice MFT cameras for video.

The E-M1 is marketed as a "pro" DSLR-replacement. But about the only place where "pros" would be almost entirely unconcerned with a smaller-than-135 format sensor is in video. This could be a 5D3 or 7D replacement, because it has the unique feature of the excellent image stabilisation system.

Yes, Panasonic makes very nice cameras for video. And Canon and Nikon makes very nice cameras for still photography so why bother with Olympus at all? The E-M1 looks as if it's a great stills camera, but it could be an amazing video camera too.

Want serious video? Buy Panasonic. That's clear once and for all!

A few wants very serious video and they're very well served with Canon and Panasonic. A lot of us just want the rock bottom basics covered: The option of 25 fps instead of hard-coded 30 fps. Claiming that having the option of having a lower framerate in video is unreasonable or that it would somehow diminish the still capabilities of the camera is frankly taking the p.

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