Is Adobe normally this bad?

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Is Adobe normally this bad?

On a previous thread I posted about trying to find a location where I can download Lightroom version 5 as I have been having issues with 5.2. After searching the Adobe site and Google I then went to the live chat on the Adobe site. Here is the conversation that followed.

The parts in parenthesis is what I was thinking.

Adobe: Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.
Adobe: Hi xxxxx
Me: Hello
Adobe: As I understand that you want to download the Lightroom 5 software, am I correct?
Me: Correct (isn't that what I already wrote to get to this point?)
Adobe: Thank you for confirming.
Adobe: I will be glad to check that for you.
Adobe: May I know the serial number of the software please?
Me: Which one? Version 5 was an upgrade for me from version 4.
Adobe: May I know the serial number of version 5 software?
Me: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
Adobe: Thank you for the information.
Adobe: Can you stay online for 2 - 3 minutes while I check on this information for you?
Me: yes
Adobe: Thank you for the information.
Adobe: I am glad to say that, you can download the trial version and enter the serial number to activate the software.
Adobe: The trial version will download the Lightroom 5.0 software.
Adobe: Please click here:
Me: The trial is version 5.2, not 5.0!
Adobe: Please click the above link to download the trial version software.
Me: I need version 5.0. (Lord, give me strength)
Adobe: Please be informed, Lightroom_5_LS11_mac_5_2.dmg is an updated version file and Lightroom_5_LS11.dmg is 5.0 version.
Me: I previously downloaded file "Lightroom_5_LS11.dmg" and when i went to install it the installer showed 5.2!
Adobe: Please install the software using that file and let us check the version after installing the software.
Me: OK, it's downloading. Are you going to wait the 5 minutes it says it will take to download?
Me: 2 minutes left. I don't think this is going to work as the file size is exactly the same as Lightroom_5_LS11_mac_5_2.dmg
Me: It did not work. That file link is also version 5.2!
Adobe: May I know the status of installation?
Me: Installed as version 5.2! (can't you read?!)
Adobe: Would it be alright if I can access your computer remotely and fix this issue?
Me: Why do you need to access my computer? Can't you simply give me a link to an actual version 5? What is it you think you are planning to do while accessing my computer? (what the hell?!)
Adobe: I am checking the file sizes.

After 10 minutes:

Me: Are you still there?
Adobe: Yes, I am here.
Adobe: I would recommend you to contact us back for our product support team via phone or chat within Monday to Friday 5 AM PST to 7 PM PST to check this concern.
Adobe: Do you have any further questions for me?
Me: Yes. What's the point of this chat system being active if I can't get any help with something that should be easy to accomplish?
Adobe: I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Adobe: Product support and updates are handled by our relevant team.
Me: Then what are you and this chat system for? If you knew that in the beginning then why did you just waste an hour of my life? (#%@&%$#&*!!!)
Adobe: I am from Download and Installation support team.
Adobe: Please contact our Product Specialists to check this concern.
Me: How is it a "Download and Installation support team," a team that should be able to provide a "download" link to the right file, can not help me?

No further response from Adobe's rep. If I didn't know any better I would swear I was talking to a worthless machine and not a human.

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