Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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Re: Because hybrid photography is the future, or present, really.

Corkcampbell wrote:

How does the GH3 compromise stills? Seems to do quite well in that regard.

Note: Not prejudiced here - I have two OM-Ds, a DP2M, 2 GH2s, and a GH3. Whatever the shoot requirements/priorities, I grab what is necessary.

I remember only some of the compromises made in the GH3 for video:

1. The EVF is too wide because it was chosen to suit video shooting, 16:9, which means a small image when used for stills. What's worse is the problem caused by the extra width in the image quality and also in the need to have the eye carefully positioned, hence all those complaints about the EVF's quality especially to glass-wearers.

2. The AA filtering is also compromising. I believe this is true, having read about it somewhere. Video needs different blurring from the AA filter. A choice has to be made sacrificing something somewhere as the same filter cannot be optimal for both still and video quality. The E-M1 has no AA filter for the best still quality, and that is something a camera like the GH3 cannot do without affecting video quality.

3. Cost of some of the high-end features/parts/labour necessary for very high bitrate, live HDMI streaming and high performance (60p etc) must be paid for by the consumers, most of whom do not care about fantastic and would rather have the costs spent on still quality instead. So, for the same costs, it must mean some compromise for the majority of buyers.

There should be other complications that could mean compromises, I think, involving heat management needs for highly spec'ed video and/or size. In short, there must be a cost and most likely compromises in anything additional video-related features that are not required by most photographers buying an Olympus camera. Those who really need them, just go and buy the GH4 or 5, or complain to Panasonic for not giving you 5-axis IBIS. No use moaning here every other day and complaining about Olympus. Forget it. Olympus is not going to have the same video as Panasonic or Sony cameras.  Olympus does not have the same pro video camera expertise or interest.  They are focused in still cameras.

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