The RX1 (strictly) firmware wishlist

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Re: The RX1 (strictly) firmware wishlist

First off, it would be nice if we could simply get a freaking firmware update. It's inexcusable that Sony's gone this long without releasing an update on a camera that costs this much money. It indicates a lack of support beyond release which is going to drive me away from an ecosystem I'm otherwise very excited by. The possible full frame NEX might be the one thing that would push me back to a system with interchangeable lenses (assuming it's compact enough to travel with in a ways the RX1 allows). But if Sony doesn't start showing a great deal more forward support from release then I'm not sure a FF NEX will be the best place to spend my money in the future.

Anyhow, here's my list:

  • Peaking without magnification
  • Only activate video with dial instead of activating when hitting the record button.
  • Some way to create custom display modes. For example, I'd like the histogram and the battery level icon on the same display instead of having to cycling through. And maybe I want to add the level indicator to another version of that display. You get the idea.
  • Faster minimal shutter speed on aperture priority mode (like everyone else wants)
  • Blown highlights/shadows indicator
  • Intervalometer ability
  • Ability to set shutter speed to a custom time beyond 30 seconds. I don't want to hold the damned shutter for 8 minutes on a long exposure.
  • Allow the use of the shutter speed dial for some custom use in Aperture priority mode.
  • Higher quality JPEG when using JPEG+RAW
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