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Re: Rising moon and sunset over Fox Ridge

dave gaines wrote:

I call this place Fox Ridge for the fox that show up here at sunset. My wife and I hiked up here on Sunday and saw two deer near the top, which is rare for this 4200 foot high ridge, a mile or two from any surface water. Before the Station Fire of 2009 there was a fiberglass cistern just over the rise that saved water for the animals to drink. That water attracted deer and fox. We're starting to see them return again this year. I want to build another watering trough.

The low grey box in the middle is a concrete cistern that holds 6500 gallons of water, locked up for use by the Forest Service. I told Andrew a story about this place below my photo in the Sunday Scapes thread about Strawberry Peak.


E-5 & 14-35 m lens at 28 mm, ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/40 sec

Fox Ridge

For perspective, the same place seen from the other direction a few months ago when the yucca were blooming. Concrete tank on the left and burnt tree just past it.

Fox Ridge

The same ridge looking towards the road/trail. The tank is visible here too. We like to picnic in the shade of these trees.

Fox Ridge

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The information about the location and circumstances are interesting, and it looks like a great place to hike and explore. Or even film a John Wayne movie. However, my C&C considers the pictures in a purely photographic context.

In #1 and #2 the tank doesn't have enough presence to explain itself, which requires the images to rely on text, complicating viewer interaction. This could work if the pictures were part of a travel-type essay which included the water/tank aspect, but in stand-alone scenics the angular, partially-seen tank dilutes theme and competes with the moon (in #1) and yucca (in #2).

Ordinarily, I would suggest to crop off the cistern, but that works only in #2 because in #1 the crop would ruin any tree-ground relationship.

If you have opportunity to shoot #1 again, you might consider aligning the moon so it appears as a lone ornament on a drooping branch of a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.

#3. Interesting contrast -- a green tree against mostly dry hills. A wide panorama could be impressive.

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