FL-300R external flash, just right or waste of time (money)?

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Re: FL-300R external flash, just right or waste of time (money)?

imrryr38 wrote:

this is why i use a Nissin Di466 ..... you can set the power as you want in "off camera" mode....

not too big, and real NG28 power... fast time recycle not like the FL36 for exemple.

great combo with my XZ-2.

I use a big honking Metz AF-1 50 with my XZ-2. The latter is usually on a tripod doing product work when I use the flash but if handholding, I can just hold the camera with one hand and the flash with the other. IOW I'm using the flash as a remote all the time. This metz supports remote ttl flash

The front firing trigger flash conveniently provides some catchlight when I point the remote Metz at the ceiling to do bounce. No need to worry about reorienting the flash head when switching to portrait as I would if mounting it on the hotshoe. Changing camera settings with both hands full is a little problematic though

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