Is lightroom officially better than aperture?

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Re: Is lightroom officially better than aperture?

sasin wrote:

Thanks for all responses! Points taken, for sure, although if it had become more of a standard it would imply a lot of people had switched, which would likely be because there was some things that LR was clearly doing better (like noise reduction) that would be good to have but might be hard for me to ascertain with a quick use of a trial. So, it was possible that LR really was better in certain areas, and in a sense strictly dominated aperture, which would perhaps justify the investment in changing.

However, given your responses, I think I'll stick with aperture for now, as it sounds like that's not the case!


The best thing you can do is to download the Lightroom trial and in that trial period use both Lightroom and Aperture as much as you can on just a couple of images, preferably a couple of challenging ones, that need more than usual correction, and then compare.

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