Keep the F3 or exchange for 5R?

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Re: Keep the F3 or exchange for 5R?

PhilouG wrote:

mike winslow wrote:

PhilouG wrote:

I recently witched from 3N to a used 5R because :
The 5R has ISO100, more FPS, extra top wheel control, quieter shutter sound, optional apps from the playmemories store (timelapses, motion capture, remote control from smartphones via wifi, braketing).

f3 not 3n is what is considered..

f3 has bracketing.. continuous fps is 5-7 fps fine jpg. I just posted on that yesterday in another thread..

doesnt have the wifi or apps or iso 100..

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I give my context and my reasons to give the opening thread poster some perspective.
And none of theses reasons would have changed with an F3 instead of a 3N.

F3 has braketing ? Was that even my point or you'r just trying to find something to nitpick ? No, the point was the 5R has the playmemories store filling a lot of features that might be of interest, and the braketing app been one of them. And the app is not just AE braketing, but AF, aperture, exposure times and flash.

F3 has 7fps in fine jpg ? 5R has 10 in raw, even more in jpg.

But thank you zorro, the world feels better with you nitpicking around !

The 5R has 10FPS continuous in RAW?  I dont think so.. maybe in a burst...  So, take a burst for 10 seconds or so, and tell me how many RAWs that you end up with please.  The reason that I challenge your statement is that the SD card would require a write speed in excess of 160 MBytes/second

I dont engage in name calling, I would appreciate if you would refrain from it as well. I certainly didnt intend to upset you, just correct a potential misunderstanding.

It's nice to hear that the 5R has an enhanced bracketing app of a different nature than just EV. I'm happy that you contributed, but name calling is not necessary.

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