Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Ian Stuart Forsyth
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Re: Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

MightyMike wrote:

If you need to crop that much then you need a new venue and to save up for a longer lens. that said i too crop regularly and even though i hate cropping lower then 6mp i still do, i really hate it when i crop as low as 2400x1600 and am kicking myself when i crop down to 1200x800. That said money is far better saved for a better longer lens than a higher pixel count with lower quality. And as i said earlier a new venue or technique needs to be found where you can get closer... Despite all this the biggest detriment to birding photography isn't the lens or camera, its the amount of atmosphere between you and the subject, that is something you can only fix by getting closer!

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Its surprising how much atmosphere plays into the final IQ

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