3 Reasons why the new OM-D E-M1 is good for all m4/3

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Re: Good for MFT's but Mirrorless APC is there you should know:

Each system has its strengths and weaknesses.  There is no perfect system and no one system is going to be right for everyone.  I tried to like the Fuji X series, I bought an XE-1 with kit zoom and 35 1.4 and didn't enjoy the shooting experience.  The EVF was way too laggy, the AF was slow (this was pre FW update), and it didn't have the most comfortable grip.  I quickly sold it.  Just recently I was looking for a fixerox companion to my m4/3 system so after a week of reading almost every single review of the x100s and having difficulty finding any negatives about it I gave it a try.  It appeared to fix everything I didn't enjoy about the XE-1.  It had faster AF, the hybrid viewfinder got high marks, and ergonomics were improved.  Yet I didn't like it.  I missed the IBIS, I missed the tilt/touch screen, etc.  Theres no doubt that it captured fantastic images, there are countless examples online that show it.  Part of it the larger sensor, part of it is the X trans sensor, and a larger part is the photographer taking the picture.  But you have to mesh with your system and embrace it, try as I might I couldn't.

I went back to my E-M5 and dealt with all the shortcomings.  Pratically all of  the issues I had with it are resolved in the E-M1.  The 1/8000 shutter, the mushy buttons, the lack of focus peaking, but most importantly the grip.  If it's not comfortable to hold and shoot with, you won't shoot with it.  That's why I loved the NEX 6 and 7, I could carry that around all day one handed, but the lack of native lenses turned me off.

Everyone has their own priorities And what they look for and what they can tolerate not being done well.  RX1 shooters seek ultimate IQ and DR and accept the lack of built in viewfinder and slow AF.  Same goes for Fuji users who want the Fuji colors and accept the slower AF and lack of touch/tilt.  We all have to are our own pros and cons list.  For me I want fast AF, a great EVF, a comfortable grip., touch/tilt screen, and a lightweight package to carry around.  For me the EM1 accomplishes all that and more.  I'll accept a little lesser IQ because I don't pixel peep at 100% and I don't print larger than 16x20.

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