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Re: Subsets and Substance ...

s_grins wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Ben's, and now your, "poll results" indicate that around 2 out of 3 participants do not desire a "forum split". The good part is that your efforts have saved DPReview management from the tedious duty of having to (yet again in 2013) revisit the possibility of such demonstrably unpopular proposals.

The substance of a forum arises not out of the brand-badging of widgets, but out of the intelligence, insight behind, and the meaningfulness of, published contributions. That which seems a good candidate for ignoring would likely not be enhanced by mere division into sub-sets.

The substance of M43 forum is going to be a mess soon because of introduction of E-M1. This camera inevitably brings most, if not all, Oly SLR folks here with all high grade lenses, ...

From what I've been reading lately, (they) are experiencing similar fears of "forum invasion" ...

... while Panasonic will stay pure M43.

Where can I get my Panasony "Purity Ring" ?

That is why (IMHO of cause) the split is matter of time only

Nothing divided by any number still equals nothing.

Looking for equilibrium...

Between what and what else ?

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