Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

Pangloss wrote:

OK now, I read the whole post by Thom but this single phrase summarizes what he has to say about the Nikon 1 system. And imho he is not being 100% fair in saying this, although he has some good points.


  • The 1" sensors in the V1 and V2 (respectively 10MP and 14MP) perform fine both in absolute terms and when compared to the competition. Yes, I know Sony's 1" sensor in the RX100 performs better at high ISO and sports 20MP, but that's about the only sensor that we can compare the Nikon 1 sensors to, and it has the best technology that Sony can offer. And probably Aptina's next generation of 1" sensors will offer comparable performance to Somy's, so where's the beef here? What Thom is not saying is that no matter what, a 1" sensor will never perform the same as an APS-C sensor. That's a reality and if I need the high ISO performance of an APS-C or FF sensor then I am not going to use a Nikon 1 camera, I am going to use a D7100 or a D600, end of story here.
  • Nikon has innovated a lot with the Nikon 1 line up. Just as a reminder, they were the first with a working, high-performance on-chip phase detection AF system. And the FT1 adapter gives us access to a whole line-up of DX and FX lenses.
  • Judging from the native lenses released since the launch of the Nikon 1 system, quantity and quality-wise, Nikon fully stands behind it.
  • The third-gen (V3, etc) Nikon 1 camera bodies should be released in time for the Xmas season, so where is the lack of commitment or innovation here?


  • There were clearly some bad decisions made regarding the Nikon 1 camera bodies, concerning the initial price points and the crippling of the cameras in firmware, and Nikon has not listened to users regarding these two issues. And that's a pity.

He is right on the title statement. Nikon shot itself in the toe with the comments a few weeks back that they were scaling back on R&D with the 32 1.2 being special order (at B&H - not sure if this is a NIkon thing or B&H) ...I mean, they are telling their customers they aren't really too sure about the system. Talk about lack of confidence.

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