Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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Re: Need to hope a little harder I think?

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I recently took video of my kids using a hacked GH2 and a bright prime. I gotta say I wish I had used the E-M5 with it's inferior codec. Unstabilized video drives me crazy.

If Olympus could combine GH3 video quality with 5-axis stabilization, they'd have a huge hit on their hands. How hard can it be? Sony, can you share just one more thing?

I agree. Given that I rarely get to set up a tripod, I would prefer 5-axis video w/ inferior codec > unstabilized video w/ superior codec. I do think EM1 w/ GH3 video quality would be absolutely killer and would completely justify every dollar of the asking price for me. But as I see it, it doesn't even need to be GH3 quality to be absolutely killer in my eyes. Somewhere better than the current E-P5/EM-5 performance and on par with Panasonic G6 would be enough, for me.

I'm not too knowledgeable in the subject but unless I'm mistaken, the only thing a new GHx needs to eclipse the E-M1 would be IBIS and focus peaking.

You forgot OSPDAF.

Not sure how that would help pro video...for the average joe? Err...maybe? Not sure how well PDAF works in video in general...

It eliminates hunting in C-AF, which is huge. And pro video is not only movies (which are not shot on those dinky cameras anyway), but for example event/wedding videos, where a working pro simply cannot afford a separate focus puller guy, but focus error would cost him business. Just like some scenes have to be shot handheld and in low light (requiring primes), and stabilization is so much more important than high bitrate (which simply will be consumed by the encoding of shake) it is not even funny.

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