Emulation modes, wide gamut and the like

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Emulation modes, wide gamut and the like

SheepsEye 1 hour ago I myself have been juggling reviews and '8bit Lut vs
10bit Lut' threads across several boards for the past
few weeks. I got approved for the 50% off profire so
I plan on getting one of the w5000's to put into a
new workstation build. I want to utilize a 10 bit
monitor but as I understand, whether you're using an 8bit+dithering=10bit monitor or a 100% 10 bit
monitor; if I plan on using the monitor for anything
other than CS6 (and LR5 in some instances) I want
that monitor to have a normal gamut emulation
mode. Is that correct? If I got one of the korean IPS monitors .e.g. http://www.ipsledmonitors.com/
cro2.htm http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_
id=10489&seq=1&format=2 Or if I went with the 27" Wide gamut dell or wide
gamut Asus, while arn't true 10bit monitors, would
my casual internet surfing or infrequent video game
color's be wonky because the SRGB would appear
saturated? or could I just load a different color
profile and be ok? I'm sorry if this post seems slightly convoluted.. Is my understanding correct in that if I went with the
beautiful Eizo or NEC PA242W-BK-SV, these
monitor's provide lower gamut emulation modes?

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