Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures

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Re: Highly misleading..

Wheatfield wrote:

Chato wrote:

kcbeatty wrote:

So your blogger trumps the UN Climate Scientist's report?

Not at all, The UN Climate Report is more certain then ever about AGW Climate Change.

His point is that your source is giving misleading information EVEN about that coming report.

So the AGW deniers are saying that because the climate isn't warming as fast as predicted a decade ago that the fact it is still warming doesn't count, and it isn't warming up, even though it is?

Have I got it straight?

That is correct.

Look, Wheatfield, try to keep in mind that you are ONLY allowed to read the science of AGW theory after it's been filtered into a strawman. To actually read the predictions is not playing fair. It's cheating. We can't allow that.


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