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Re: Thank you all - much appreciated

KenHill wrote:


It's confirmed, NMFAS claims another victim, a relapse from days gone by. At least now I'm in a position to buy for little money what I once drooled over. While looking at the FM thread earlier today I see you posted a picture of an American flag on a porch which put me in mind of the one that I took with a 25-50 last month in Siesta Key, Florida.

The building was the former house of the "Buster Brown" shoe company owner, now given historic status. All along I thought he lived in a shoe with his dog.

Siesta Key is rated the scenic number one beach in America and it is just on the other side of the house. This is the one I liked the best after a day of shooting. I don't think there's a modern lens other than the 24-70 that will get the CA, focus and colors as good as this 40 yr old gem.

"Buster Brown" house. Siesta Key, Florida

Ken, you hit the nail on the head about lenses we once drooled over and now go for cheap. Take the 80-200 f4.5 AI with the rectangular cutout at the mount. This lens is considered a pro lens and once sold for between 600 and 700 bucks back in the 70's. Now you can get them for under $100 all day long!

Nice shot with the 25-50, another beautiful lens.

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