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I'm surprised


edwardaneal wrote:

just for the purpose of this question lets assume there is set of conjoined twins. They are girls and they are 5 years old. Each twin has its own separate fully functional brain and each twin has all of the normal fully functional organs. The only organ they share is the heart.

the mother and father love both of them, but they also understand that they will never have a full and productive life because of the limitations they have by being conjoined, but if they are separated one could have the perfect future and could live every dream any parent would want their child to live.

so now we have the questions

should they be separated?

If they are separated one will have to die because there is only one heart.

if the parents choose to separate them is it murder? because one child has been intentionally sacrificed so that the other can have a normal life?

I guess the real question is - is it okay to kill one thing so that another might live and who gets to choose witch one gets death and which one gets life .

No it is not OK to sacrafice one of the twins so one can live a normal life .

Medical science is improving and their will be reliable methods to save both girls .

No, actually I'm shocked. An intelligent, sane, reasonable post from you...


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