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Re: OpTech dual harness

cyrano wrote:

I use this to carry two large bodies with 24-70 and 70-200 lenses during long event shoots:

OP/TECH dual harness

I've used the Black Rapid dual-camera system, too. For event work, I prefer the OP/TECH dual harness for these reasons:

(1) There is no concern about putting heavy loads on the tripod sockets.

(2) There is no concern about dropping a camera if any single connector fails.

(3) There is no concern about connectors coming loose.

(4) The cameras are more stable against my body when I'm walking around -- which is really important when shooting in crowded venues.

(5) It's much easier to use this system with a tall flash bracket, as the camera remains upright when not in use. I can drop the camera/flash/bracket rig to my side without having the flash risk hitting the ground.

I find the OP/TECH system very comfortable for extended shoots. It's also very reasonably priced.

Excellent system!  I prefer the Op/Tech double sling, though.  Securing the straps to both camera lugs gives peace of mind, but is not necessary except perhaps with heavy pro cameras and big lenses. I attach only to the left lug (opposite the grip). This way there is no strap in the way on the grip side, and it is easier to shoot verticals.

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