FL-300R external flash, just right or waste of time (money)?

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Re: FL-300R external flash, just right or waste of time (money)?

Steven Wandy wrote:

Repeat of what I posted over in the Micro 4/3 forum:

I have had one for a while - replaced an earlier Olympus model with it. Use it on my various m4/3 cameras and XZ-2.

I have not tried a lot of bounce flash with it because unless your ceiling is pretty low I don't think a flash this size is really strong enough for a decent bounce. Otherwise - it is better than the pop-up flashes or the little flash that came with the EM5 - because it is more powerful and it raises the flash unit further from the line of the lens for less problems with Red Eye.

You can also use it off camera - again depending on which Olympus camera you have.

The refresh rate is not bad for a small, pocket flash unit, but because it uses only two AAA batteries, it is nothing great.

As far as the heating problem, that was probably a very early review. There was an issue with the initial batch of the flashes and Olympus had a recall of certain serial numbers that they replaced the units (mine was one of them). Did not really notice a heat problem in the original unit - though I did get it replaced - and have not noticed it in the replacement (after I started paying more attention).

Thank you Steven, you brought up an additional benefit I didn't think of before (reduced red-eye).  Sounds like bounce will be limited, but this will offer some increase in range/power (and thus versatility) compared with the built-in flash.

You say you "had one for a while"--does that mean you've been using it a long time, or that you had one but have since replaced it?

Are there any other compact flashes I should consider for the XZ-2?

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