Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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I recently took video of my kids using a hacked GH2 and a bright prime. I gotta say I wish I had used the E-M5 with it's inferior codec. Unstabilized video drives me crazy.

If Olympus could combine GH3 video quality with 5-axis stabilization, they'd have a huge hit on their hands. How hard can it be? Sony, can you share just one more thing?

I agree. Given that I rarely get to set up a tripod, I would prefer 5-axis video w/ inferior codec > unstabilized video w/ superior codec. I do think EM1 w/ GH3 video quality would be absolutely killer and would completely justify every dollar of the asking price for me. But as I see it, it doesn't even need to be GH3 quality to be absolutely killer in my eyes. Somewhere better than the current E-P5/EM-5 performance and on par with Panasonic G6 would be enough, for me.


I have been reading about the video on the new EM-1. Looks like they are improving on video, no doubt.

So ...no 1080P @ 60 fps looks to be what it is for now. Plus I saw over on LL they were pining about no 24P (I guess that is 24 fps).

Is this something that can be upgraded with a software update, or is it hardware related?


No focus peaking while recording video and AF is unreliable.



However, Michael Reichman also commented that:

Frankly, my disappointment at not being able to use the BMCC was greatly lightened by how well the E-M1 committed itself. Firstly, the in-camera video stabilization is nothing short of remarkable. This is hands-down the best stabilization for video that I've seen from any camera or lens to date. It's made all the more appealing because while Panasonic can't even get their in-body stabilization to work for video on the new GX7, Olympus has moved theirs to a highly competent second generation implementation.

E-M1 video files are in unadorned H264 with a .MOV wrapper. These play beautifully in Quicktime and will edit smoothly out of the camera on almost any NLE.

While the E-M5 and E-M1 continue to lack features required by serious video enthusiasts, the superior IBIS is a better option for video for those of us who only want to shoot hand held video (IMO).

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