Ken Rockwell again: "Canon 5DIII/6D are better/far ahead of Nikon D600/D800"

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Re: Ken Rockwell again: "Canon 5DIII/6D are better/far ahead of Nikon D600/D800"

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The only thing that kind of bothers me about TH is his nearly constant negativity toward Nikons. Yes he has a lot of good points and you wish Nikon would listen to him but if you use Nikon it sort of dawns on you after reading all his negative opinions, the gear is really not so bad as he portrays it!

But really his negativity is about what the corporation or the camera industry are doing/not doing. The actual gear he says plenty of good things about. The thing I like about him is he is a pragmatist. He talks about gear as it relates to actually making pictures not just to have the latest gear. He tries to get us to put the focus on ourselves and not gear.

My dad used to always say he "wasn't a pessimist, wasn't an optimist, but a realist."

I'm an optimist myself, glass half-full, and while Nikons aren't perfect I am surely not going to dwell on the negatives as he tends to do.  But that's how he makes a living.  Look at the percentage of posts about Nikon DSLRs.  I bet 90% at least are generally or wholly negative in tone.  Interesting but negative.  That said I value his opinions and he's the only one of those photography blogger types I read regularly.  Oh I read Tim Grey's newsletter (sober helpful a tad boring but thorough) too.  A lot of my best information for taking photos comes from the great photographer's in this forum.

best, David

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