FL-300R external flash, just right or waste of time (money)?

Started Sep 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: FL-300R external flash, just right or waste of time (money)?

I have recently aquired a fl300r mainly for use on m43 cameras, but I also have an xz1.

I think it has a guide no of 20 (at iso 100) vs 7 for the xz1 built in flash, so there is a significant power gain, but obviously no match for larger units.   But the latter would  hardly balance well on the xz1/2.

I am pleased with the fl300r on the m43 cameras as the portability is important to me, and the lower power can be offset by pushing up the iso.   I can get good bounce results this way.    You would have to judge whether you would be happy resorting to higher iso settings on the xz2 for bounce flash if and when necessary.

I tried it on the xz1 and it seems to work well in ttl mode on the hot shoe.   There is also the option of using it off camera in conjunction with the built in flash.   However, in this mode the xz1 is able to trigger the fl300r, but not to control the exposure, as the flash always seems to fire at full power.   So you have to control exposure through aperture setting.    I suggest you check out whether the xz2 offers full control.

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