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Re: Thank you all - much appreciated

I can agree with the MF lens thread on the FM forum. I became addicted  there over a month ago and have gotten thru 750 pages of the over 3000.  You can learn a lot.  It will also cause you to look for older lenses to play with that cost little for the optical excellence they offer.  They call it "NMFAS."  I know "AS" stands for Acquisition Syndrome or something similar.

The transition to digital was easy, way too easy.  So I took up my MF lenses on a D7000 and a D800 and the ones I use the most are the 25-50, 50-135 and the 180 ED F2.  They are as good or better than any glass today.

Another benefit is that the MF lenses force you to hold the camera properly.  It was a surprise to me how bad habits from not doing that made sloppy, therefore bad shots.

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