Why is Sony opposed to full swivel LCD monitor vs limited use pivot ?

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Why is Sony opposed to full swivel LCD monitor vs limited use pivot ?

JJ Rodin wrote:

I never shoot but from eye level, whether that is 1 ft or 6ft above ground, hand held or mono/tripod, waist level??

I grew up shooting with, among other things, twin lens reflex cameras, like the old Rollie. These were shot from belly or waist level looking down into a glass viewfinder in the top of the camera. I always loved this manner of shooting, not exclusively, but as an option. In the old days it was one or the other. With a lot of flip up screens today, its optional. I've used it and liked it on a Nex, Olympus m43 bodies, the Fuji XM1, etc. I strongly DISLIKE the fully articulated screens because you have to pull out the screen to the side of the camera like an appendage for it to be useful from either high or low. The only advantage I've seen from it, is you can use it for landscape or portrait mode, but that's a non-issue for me.

But I am not a spy are you?

ALL photographers are spies to one extent or another. In many cases you might be barking out instructions and are part of the photograph, but in other cases I'd rather be an observer capturing a moment I'm not involving myself in. I guess by definition that makes me a spy. I think I'm pretty typical of most photographers in this respect...


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