The E-mount never should have happened, and the FF NEX is a bad idea.

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The E-mount never should have happened, and the FF NEX is a bad idea.

Don't get me wrong- I love my C3, and it with the kit zoom for $350 new was a steal.

But it seems to me like everything Sony is doing with the E-mount, they could have done with the A-mount. Yes, the 25mm flange distance difference is huge and would prevent the super thin form factor of the NEX; but SLRs have only become these monstrously chunky almost cubic physical forms in the digital era. Looking back a little further, is a traditional NEX really that much ergonomically superior to this:

It just looks right, and feels more right in the hands than both the DSLR brick and NEX credit card form factors

Sony could have easily enabled folks to have their cake and eat it too by:

  • Keeping the A-mount and its comparatively immense and already designed/engineered library of lenses
  • Eliminating the mirror and either making an EVF or just having a live view LCD
  • Mimicking the smaller dimensions, ergonomics an controls of an old film SLR

For under ~$1000, in the context of the goofy DSLR ergonomic standard, the NEX platform makes sense and its limitations (silly menu ergonomics, limited lens lineup, weak to nonexistent and needlessly proprietary peripherals) are palpable. But the FF NEX will have most of the same limitations at a price point that makes them unacceptable. A $1500-3000 body with a small range of similarly expensive lenses that will either be too big/clunky for the NEX form factor or too slow to rationalize the investment, as well as a small and similarly expensive range of peripherals just doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Nowhere near as good of an idea as say, a dumbed down, mirrorless, old entry level SLR sized FF A mount camera, even for the same money.

But alas, Sony has made its bed, and has to lay in it. But in a fight to the death, I don't see the E-mount coming out on top; and if Sony purposely holds the A-mount back to curry favor for the E-mount, that will lose to CaNikon. The more I think about Sony's digital photography strategy the less sense it makes to me.

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