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Re: shot in manual

Lemming51 wrote:

Iris13 wrote:

Thank you so much for your opinion. These were shoot in manual mode

That explains the exposure. In M you need to pay attention to the meter scale in the viewfinder. Your pics were in bright sun to partly cloudy - the proper exposure is given by the "sunny 16" guideline: shutter at 1/ISO and f/16 (or 11). Your 3 sample pics were ISO 100, f/5 and 1/60 or 1/100. Your meter would have been at +2 to +3. Adjust aperture and/or shutter speed to get it ~0. (something on the order of f/8 and 1/250 would have gotten closer).

The problem of them being blurry is that they all look like the lens was focused very close (maybe 3-5 ft away). At f/5 the depth of field is too shallow to get anything farther away in focus. For such landscape pics you need to focus farther away (not infinity, but maybe 20-30ft) and use a small aperture like f/8.

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Nothing is in focus in any of those shots, the camera was either set to manual focus (likely) or it mis-focused on every shot which means there is a problem with it.

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