My respect for professors has plummetted

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Re: My respect for professors has plummetted

Brian wrote:

I personally wouldn't lobby to reduce those things. But at the same time government needs to be run as a business. if tax revenue is down, and you are bleeding red, things have to get cut.

Wrong. What you proposed was done by Hoover in 1930-1933, and it lead to Great Depression. Economists since have proven that the optimal government monetary and fiscal policy is to expand spending during recessions and contract spending/pay off debt during economic booms. Although the governments always have problems with the latter part.

In business the first thing that gets cut is health care. It sucks, but that the way it is. You can't just pass a bill and magic money into your pocket.

But governments can. Through borrowing and printing.

By the way you personally - if at a moment you are down on your luck, out of job, and stop eating or healing illnesses to save money because you don't earn money at the moment, you will die and never find another job and earn more money. You are better off borrowing and living, then finding a job and paying off what you have borrowed THEN.

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