X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

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Re: X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

flysurfer wrote:

It's not really a secret that Fuji is using sensors from Sony (X100, X100S, X-Pro1, X-E1, X-M1, X-A1) and Toshiba (X10, X20, XF1, X-S1) for their X series offerings. The Toshiba sensor is a Fujifilm design, though, but Fujifilm eventually sold the sensor factory to Toshiba.

That would explain why Fuji shows more relative competency at colour management with the 2/3" sensor cameras than their APS-C cameras. We can hope they've improved the JPEG engine in the production X-A1.

As you may have heard, they are now teaming up with Panasonic to bring organic sensors to market. I don't expect to see that sensor in a camera before 2015, though.

I wouldn't expect too much. Many announcements are made but few ever materialise into anything.

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