Before i quit photography ...

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Before i quit photography ...

Dear all,

i start this thread before i am putting for good my camera away. I dont want to sound too childish or to complain too much. I know the fault must be all mine but after listen to opinions and following the advices i received, reading threads and all i came to the conclusion that i have no idea what to do anymore.

I have an amazing camera - Canon 550D bought 3 years ago. Initially i used the green button, shooting automatic and jpegs directly. In time i wanted to go much further so i started shooting raw and converting them only with DPP and shooting only with manual. Few times i ruined my pictures because of the high noise so my ISO is always set at 100. I dont even dare to go higher with it for fear not to ruin something that might look lovely.

2 weeks ago i went on vacation with my parents so i shot RAW+ Jpeg so i can give my dad the pictures very fast. He doesnt like to wait for them too much so i gave him the jpegs. Now, i know that when you shoot jpeg directly the camera automatically does some adjustments to the pictures so they are more clear than the raw.
The samples i am going to post bellow are the jpegs out of the camera directly. The lens is a 18-135mm. I dont use any filters. Everything was manual.

Apart from the fact the colors look horrible but i blame this on the meteorological state also (cloudy , very cloudy) the pictures are not at all in focus. And is not just for these pictures. There are plenty that look like this. And i dont just point and shoot. I do take my time before i press the shoot button. For nothing in this world i can make them clear. Please do not take in consideration the composition because i have been told that i suck in that too. I dont use photoshop or any other programs. Only DPP and with all my honesty i dont feel like using photoshop. It's too smart for me :).

You can say i am a quitter but it has become very frustrating to see that every trial that i make ends up in a disappointment. I know some are overexposed but here is also about the fact that the pictures seem always blurry to me. I have been told that i am a "pixel picking" person and yet, it makes me sad to see that people have camera less able than mine and yet take amazing clear shots and some dont even shoot in RAW.

I want to know also if it is possible that the camera or the lens might actually have a problem. I never dropped , never heard any weird noise and it has always been treated with the utmost respect and kindness.

Thank you in advance for all you help and please try not to be too harsh!

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