G15 Lens Protection

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Re: G15 Lens Protection

Omar -

If you hold the G15 facing you..you will see a small round button at about 5 o'clock position directly by the lens base...  that is a sort of locking button.. press it down and at the same time as holding it down you can turn the Black Collar at the base of the lens mount in ANTICLOCKWISE direction - that UNSCREWS the Black Ring and it is on that screwed base you then screw on the Adaptor.. then of course a Filter of choice will screw INTO the front of the Adaptor and as the Adaptor extends IF it needs to. you can never have the lens itself touching the front Filter. The slight penalty of course is that you never then have the fully retracted lens to lie flat on the body so it is a little more bulky when carrying even OFF.

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