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Re: Thank you all - much appreciated

This is a warning! There s no way back once you get the love for MF lenses syndrome You ll end like me, buying crazy lenses because of their rendering...even if they don t reach infinity for example.

The best MF Nikkors have been covered in the responses, one i would add is a Tokina (or Vivitar made by Tokina) 17/3.5 in Nikon mount

MF lenses are also very interesting in the perspective of a FF mirrorless by Nikon or someone else, most of other MF lenses don t reach infinity on Nikon bodies, but that can change with an adapter for a mirrorless camera (not so for a DSLR).

An infinite resource about MF lenses....but i warn you again, there s no way back!

Then there are modern MF lenses, i love my Samyangs 35/1.4 and 84/1.4, next on my list are the 14/2.8 and 24/1.4.


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