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Omar047 wrote:

I finally made my decision and purchased a G15 vs. a G1X. What did it for me was the fast lens of 1.8 and quick focus.

What is the best way to protect the lens for dust/dirt when using the camera?


Omar -

I've carried umpteen kinds of small cameras over the digital years and almost invariably I always carry my camera on a single-point fasten neck loop which is around my neck when out, and carrying the closed camera under whatever sort of top-coat or jacket I may have on. Of course how anyone carries a camera probably depends a lot on your own local weather conditions.. but I've NEVER had on any sort of filter protection of any kind.
If you do feel that it is necessary at all .. then what I regard as the ideal is the Filter Adaptor that is required for the G15. You cannot fit Fiters or anything to the lens without that adaptor..Canon themselves do one which is without a doubt the best , as it is made in a way that the Filter actually will extend and retract slightly whenever it may need to do so if the lens setting needs it to extend out that bit more.
The Canon one is a little expensive I think. a few others are sold on Ebay which are SUPPOSED to do the job but in fact they do not extend.. so they cannot be really as good.
I did however find what is an identical Holder to the Canon one.. made by good old friends JJC .. makers of probably THE best LCD Protectors for nearly every camera. Their items are excellent without reservation, and if you do a search on your own local Ebay I'm sure you will find this one..I would highly recommend...


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