Q7: The better Q, the Q evolved - quick impressions

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Q7: The better Q, the Q evolved - quick impressions

Just got my Q7 tonight and unfortunately do not have had much time to play with it due to work and not feeling so well. But had to try a bit.

In a nutshell barring a few small set of cons, the Q7 is everything the Q is, but better. There are many tweaks I have not seen reviews mentioned (or I accidentally skipped that information) that goes from features to UI that have been tweaked for the better, and for more options.

I want to start with the cons list first because this is a very small set, and it's just best to get it out of the way.

- Body - I still prefer the original smaller magnesium alloy Q body. Though the Q7 seems easier to grip, there is still something to the ultra small ness of the first. Also the buttons in the back seem a bit closer and harder to make out, they are easier to get to on the Q.

- The lenses seem to show more CA's than on the original Q (well the 01, which is the only one I have tried so far).

- Lens Distortion - as some reviews have noted is more marked, so the software correction is more marked too. This does not impact the Q much as the Q philosophy was a bit of make do with the optical distortions and does not get in the way of high quality portraits or the like.

- Looks like the ability to compare images side by side is now gone :-\

Pros over Q

In general as I said- a better Q. Faster, better LCD, richer feature set, in particular some things that caught my attention:

- LCD is much MUCH better in sunlight. Way better actually. Not Sony RX100 II good but in that direction. I was pleasantly surprised and I cannot understand for the life of me why this difference does not seem marked in contrast to the original Q in reviews. IN fact, Ricoh should advertise it clearly and I don't think they do.

The LCD also has better contrast, and it's easier to read/see the shots.

- You can now shoot in RAW mode while still having any filter mode enabled (that includes smart filters).

- You can now convert from RAW including a filter or whatever filter combination you had at the time you took the shot

- Movies can now select between 24/25/30 fps frame rate.

- Movies start recording sound immediately (this was a small bug left over from Q)

- Movies have a few levels of audio amplification for recording audio (audio is now decidedly recorded mono though)

- You can finally turn off the display information that was *always on* on the Q while taking a shot if you want

- You can save a current setting to the dial wheel-user setting from the menu that pops up as if you were going to develop a shot in raw or apply a filter to it (new setting/icon)

- You can set the shake reduction auto-off (when using a timer, etc) to NOT turn off. This option did not exist on Q.

- Manual focus now has up to 6x magnification

- You can now for the Q7 to really use electronic shutter ONLY at all times if you desire so (make it literally 100% quiet while shooting)

- Boke Control mode uses completely new algorithm where the camera does something about moving the lens from far focus to front focus. I believe this is the same algorithm Fuji and now Canon are using too. It makes for MUCH better Bokeh Control effect, though I need to play with it more- but the camera has to hold still as this operation takes like 2.5 secs from pressing the shutter.

- ISO improvement is in general about one full stop, but the tonality at each stop seems improved (color sensitivity).

A shot or two next post.

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