Why is Sony opposed to full swivel LCD monitor vs limited use pivot ?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Why is Sony opposed to full swivel LCD monitor vs limited use pivot ?

JJ Rodin wrote:

Valid points I suppose but I can't imagine why to shoot from the waist?

I usually shoot with the camera held well below eye level and the LCD screen tilted up.   Not necessarily all the way down by my waist, but enough that I really like the tilt LCD.

I just find it to be a more comfortable shooting position then holding the camera out in front of me.   It may have something to do with the fact that I got my start in photography with medium format twin- and single-lens reflex cameras with waist-level finders.   But I also like the fact that by tilting my head down to view it's usually in the shade so I get less problems with bright reflections on the LCD screen when I'm shooting in sunlight.

I also prefer a fully articulated LCD because it gives me even more freedom to take, for example, low-angle shots in portrait mode.   But I've settled for Sony's tilt-only screen because there simply isn't any other camera small enough to take everywhere that does decent 1080p60 video and has an articulated screen.

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