X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

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Ed B
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Re: X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

Randy Benter wrote:

I agree that the Bayer sensor in the entry level Fuji is probably a Sony sensor but that has nothing to do with the X-Trans sensors.

Two completely different technologies.

They are not two completely different technologies; they use the exact same sensor technology. They are completely different CFAs. I think you would understand this issue better if you researched the difference between a CFA and a sensor. There is no such thing as an X-Trans sensor (misnomer), there is an X-Trans CFA.

Everyone has their opinion and everyone seems to be sure their opinion is correct.

This is not a matter of opinion; it is a matter of fact. Either Fuji fabs the sensor in X-Trans cameras or they outsource it. Some people in this thread are just guessing (incorrectly), some are making educated guesses, and some know.

Sounds good to me, Randy

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