X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

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Re: X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

The argument about who made the sensor is not unique to Fuji. The same argument were going on about the Nikon D800 with its Exmor 36.3mp Sony sensor.

I suppose its only anecdotal evidence but how many 16.7mp pixel and 16.3 effective pixel sensors with the exact same size and performance are made by sensor manudfacturers? Canon doesn't make a 16.3mp APSc sensor, neither does Nikon.

The same sensor has been very popular. It appears in numerous camera makes like Pentax, Sony of course (Nex 5 and 6 Gen11 of the sensor same as X100s), Nikon.

There was a recent article about Sony who had 30% growth in sensor sales last year. They sell to probably lots of camera/equipment makers.

As pointed out in several posts X-Trans is merely the colour filter array made by Fuji for that sensor. Who knows who even makes it and installs it  - perhaps Sony does that as well.

I think camera makers are coy about revealing this sort of data because it makes them look bad. It would be like buying a Toyota car with a Nissan engine - not installing confidence in the buyer. So they tend to withhold it.

Having also an Nex 6 I can also add looking at the sensor from outside it looks identical including the lightwell that goes around it. That also looks the same as XE1. Is it mere coincidence Nex 6 has a Gen 11 16.3mp with PDAF pixels and 6 months later Fuji release X100s with 16.3mp and PDAF pixels. Anecdotal evidence admittedly but pretty conclusive.

I think its a good thing as Fuji can access the newest and latest offerings from the giant - Sony, that they could never afford to do themselve. That means we get the very best sensor available at the time.


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