How many still shoot film?

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Re: Digital is not so inexpensive!

Rexgig0 wrote:
Neither is inexpensive; I just wanted to address the "digital is virtually free" idea that I see posted all too often. I hope my tone is seen as positive; no rant intended. I use both Canon and Nikon cameras and lenses, and enjoy both film and digital.

Shoot whatever you like and enjoy.

As for me though, I would have a computer for many other uses than just digital photography, and a decent monitor too. And at 25 to 50 cents a shot for every digital photo I've shot in the past (say) five years, it would have cost me far more for fiilm and processing than I've spent on my computer, my digital camera, my monitors, and all my other photo-related stuff.

With digital, the more photos you take, the lower the per-photo cost becomes. With film, every press of the shutter release is 25 or 50 cents, without fail, whether you take 50 or 2500 photos.

If someone can afford the film etc. and enjoys shooting it, I say good for them. I'm done with it. I really do believe it's too expensive for my wallet, not to mention a heck of a lot less convenient.

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