Loving the 18mm. Am I the only one?

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Re: Loving the 18mm. Am I the only one?

I shot with the 35mm and the 18mm on the X Pro 1 and preferred the 18mm.

But it was not because it was a better lens than the 35mm; simply the focal length for me made it a better "go to" lens for taking off on the camera.

For some odd reason - the 35mm - which I dearly wanted to love and was perhaps the best lens I have ever owned (save a few pieces of Nikkor glass) was just the wrong focal length for my way of shooting.  The 18mm ended up on the front of the camera far more than the superior 35mm.

And I chuck it up purely to shooting taste and not capability.

Now mind you; both lenses yielded simply amazing results on that camera.

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