Ken Rockwell again: "Canon 5DIII/6D are better/far ahead of Nikon D600/D800"

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Re: Hogan takes no prisioners either...

Les Kamens wrote:

I'm mostly critical of their customer care center. In my limited experience and from others, they can be terribly short and rude when you call in. That's not something that should be excused.

I can only talk form my experience. I feel Nikon (&Apple) have gone far beyond any costumer service that I've ever experienced. on a Friday when my D3s went down Nikon had a D4 overnight-ed to me so that i could catch a plane on Sunday for a shoot on Monday. it took less than 2 weeks to get my repair back and most of the time if it wasn't a complex repair a week from mail in to return.

Our canon friends have to pay (I think) $500 or more a year for that kind of service...Free with Nikon

I wish Nikon made a true quiet body and am looking at some of the Fuji mirrorless kinda like the olden days F2 with a M3.

As one of the posters above said 'it's all just an OPINION from Bloggers like Thom and Ken'

It was actually my own experience. They treated me like dirt on the first call. No one should ever be treated like that by a customer service organization.

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