Continuous shooting modes configuration

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Re: Continuous shooting modes configuration

For the fastest, and most images, either use a manual lens, shoot jpeg, and turn the lens comps off if it's an E-lens.. That's how I get usually 17, sometimes up to 20 in a burst and that is on an F3 (yeah, I'm not kidding). Also, a fast write SDXC.. Consider that a really good card write speed benches at 25 Mbyes/sec, for continuous that's less than two per second after the buffer fills, so the rate that the buffer can empty (card speed), and the buffer size are the two primary factors. Things like the lens comps slow down the image processor. Having the camera focus, or check focus slows it down..

I dont get the 10/second ratings - especially if they are raws, since that would require an SD card with a write speed of 160 megabytes per second. I dont know if there is an SD card that fast.

Of course, you cant forget that shutter speed counts here as well.. so do your tests at higher speeds..

Make it a manual shot, and it shoots continuously on my F3 with fine, 5-7 images per second continouus just now with ISO200 1/4000, speed shooting and a manual lens with electronic front curtain enabled..

actual 83 images in 16 seconds = 5.2/second. It might be faster if you choose std.. Now I'm going to go delete them

edit..  45 in eight seconds  5.6  That previous number was probably low, since I under counted by6

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