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Re: Not a fair comparison

Aaron Sur wrote:

just as a matter of curiosity and if you have the time please could you do a test of of both cameras at 28mm f1.8, possibly on a tripod so there is no question of stabilty shake etc. There are several critical reviews saying the Carl Zeiss branded lens is not upto the 20MP sensor.

From what I have seen and read it boils down to this

XZ-1 great lens let down by small CCD sensor in low light

RX100 great sensor let down by average lens.

The RX100 is cutting edge for incorporating such a large sensor in a tiny body.

My gripes are the Sony ergonomics stuff ups

no click stops on lens control dial

no flash popup button

image magnification on LCD delay

The Sony is a very good camera but to many of us the ND filter and the accessory set make it a far more versatile camera, for you these factors are not an issue and I respect that.

And the night the Sony engineers went to the Yakatori bar got loaded on Asahi beer ( or something stronger) went back to the lab and on the face detect setting added smile, half smile, sulking ,grimace....ok I made the last couple up.

Size aside if you did not want to compromise on image quality I would have hung onto that EPL-5 and got a 17mm1.8 with the 45mm .




For the moment I have these shots for you:

The RX100 shot is especially interesting because you can actually see the tiny micro-nicks in the paint on the top rim of the film roll end cap. Also in that shot are visible details that I can't see with the unaided eye. These details and others are lost in the XZ-1. These are typical results for RX100 vs. XZ-1. I'm sure I can squeeze a little more details out of the XZ-1 but I can do the same for the RX100.

I have however chosen to keep the XZ-1 as it is an amazing performer. Not equal to the RX100 but few cameras are, in the price range. The XZ-1 does beat the pants off many of it's competitors and many cameras that are newer and more technologically sophisticated such as the LX7, G15, S110, G1-X and others of the ilk. It is simply one of the best cameras out there, especially for the money.

These are my opinions based on my observations and the information at my disposal. I am not an expert or claim to be an authority on this subject.

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