Why I prefer M4/3 lenses on M4/3 bodies

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OK, lets make that comparison

Olymore wrote:

Include the 12-60mm and 14-54mm in the comparison and it isn't quite so clear cut.
Given the extra range of those lenses and only slighty slower speed the relatively small differences in weight over the 12-40mm Olympus are entirely justified and I doubt that an M43 version would have a significant difference in either size or weight

I tried to compare lenses that were very close in focal length and maximum aperture. In fact, most were exactly the same. But if you insist on comparing constant aperture zoom lenses to variable aperture zoom lenses with widely different zoom ranges, then we can do that too.

And this shows us that your partially right. There isn't much difference between price. But there is a huge difference in weight, with the extreme case of one lens weighing more than twice as much as another. And there is a visible and significant difference in size.

There is no perfect comparison in this category.

We could also compare the 4/3 normal zooms with a 12-50mm and 14-42mm M4/3 lenses too. Those would be even closer in range, and would share the same problem of having different lens speeds. If we did that, at least we would have no constant aperture zooms in the comparison.

I think the 12-35mm and 12-40mm compare closer to the 4/3 14-35mm lens than the 14-54mm or 12-60mm lens. But even that comparison is flawed due to lens speed. Which is why I omitted this category of lens completely. There just are no good direct comparisons.

Note that I had to include the adapters, since you cannot use a 4/3 lens on an M4/3 body without one.

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