Sensor Size: D600 vs D7100 What am I really gaining?

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Someone please explain why reach and Dof is different

A lot of this thread seems to go on about DX being better for DoF and reach. I must admit I don't really understand this viewpoint at all.

Surely reach is a function of the FL of the lens. All DX does is crop the image. This can be achieved by using DX mode or cropping in PP. Of course the D7100 has double the number of pixels compared to the D600 in DX mode so one could argue you could print much larger. In fact it has more pixels than any FX camera on the market when they're used in DX mode. So yes in this aspect it has more reach as it applies more pixel density on the image than any other DSLR.

DoF, again I thought this was due to the fl of the lens and the distance from the subject. I do not understand why this changes at all between FX and DX. Yes the DoF will be different between FX and DX cameras when taking the same image (as seen through the viewfinder) but that's because the lens are at a different distance from the subject.

Or have I got this completely wrong.

One big advantage of FX over DX (other than colour and noise rendition) is the ability to use wide angle lens with much less distortion. This seems to have been forgotten.

A 24mm wide angle lens on FX needs a 16mm wide angle on DX. I have yet to find a 16mm lens which has better distortion characteristics than a 24mm lens. There is also a much better choice of quality wide angle prime lens for FX than for DX. The same cannot be said for the telephoto end as you can always crop.

Also ultra wide works on FX and is more available than for DX. The angle of view achieved by the Nikon 13mm f5.6 lens as far as I know is not achievable on DX at all, and the lens itself is distortion free so I have heard as I haven't got one.

There are of course wider fisheye lens but these have a lot of distortion

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