DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

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Re: DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

KL Matt wrote:

Hi Dean,

that is a dramatic difference, but is it because of the lens?

These photos were either taken at different times of day, with different lighting conditions, or both (look at the shadow across the grass -- completely missing in the DA 55-300 shot).

The DA 55-300 shot has 2+ pixels of motion blur on a lower-left to upper-right (or the other direction) path. You can see the double image clearly in the twigs. I can't even tell where the focus is because of the motion blur. But i can tell it's not on the utility pole, as with the DA* shot. Focus appears to be somewhere behind the utility pole, maybe even behind the far foliage.

The DA* 300 shot was taken with a rock solid camera/sensor, the focus was spot on on the pole. The image looks 3d and lovely. The 55-300 shot is simply a bad shot -- how much the lens contributed beyond the motion blur we can't know.

Contrast varies greatly from when the sun shines down directly to when a cloud obscures it, even if the photos are taken only minutes apart.


This is completely right -- the 55-300 shot has obvious motion blur and at least something else wrong with it. If my 55-300 captured images like this I would never put it on the camera. It's too bad people some people see these shots and consider it to be a useful comparison.

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