Keep the F3 or exchange for 5R?

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mike winslow
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Re: EVF & controls is why I went to the 5R. Very pleased with both. The flexibility in

Sonyshine wrote:

Jerry R wrote:

EVF & controls is why I went to the 5R. Very pleased with both. The flexibility in customizing the controls is excellent. The EVF is great.

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.... But the 5R has no EVF!

I was going to say that as well.. the F3 has an EVF option..

I think the %r has ISO100 and the F3 low ISO is 200.. Otherwise , there isnt allot of difference.. Maybe Wifi, but the F3 supports eyefi cards if you want to use them.

I think there might be a form factor difference as well.. F3 screen flips up 180 and will also tilt down about 20 degrees, and as someone pointed out a week ago, if that's not enough, just turn the camera upside down.. lol.

The touchscreen feature seems rather -meh- One reason to not like cell phone cameras IMHO, and cell phone touch screens are capacative.

The F3 was discontinued.. Personally, I think that it was overfeatured, so it got cancelled.. If you have a manual lens, or with the lens comps turned off and shoot fine jpeg, you can get about 17 shots in a burst

The 5 has PDAF..  I only know this since the lens firmware updates are applied only to the 5 and 6 but not to the 3's

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